Tall, Dark and Mysterious

Meet my latest travel treasure.  We call him ” The Dude”.

I walked by him in a store window in Ubud, Bali this summer and fell in love.  I had no idea how we were going to get the 3 foot tall, dark and mysterious statue from Borneo on the plane, but I knew I wasn’t going to leave Bali without him.  Lucky for me, my husband thought he was pretty cool too.

The Dude

Ancestor statue from Borneo

I’ve taken an unexpected break from writing for the past few months.  Over the summer we went on holiday in Bali, moved to a new villa in Dubai (where “the Dude” now greets all of our guests), entertained family visitors for a few weeks and have been preparing for the arrival of our first baby due in January!  Now that things have settled down a little, I have many more stories to tell, starting with Bali.   Stay tuned…

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