stuffeestuff is Back

Life happened and I abandoned this site.  I got pregnant with my first daughter and was so exhausted during the pregnancy that I could barely form sentences.  I promised I would write after she was born.  Then she was born and, of course, it is hard to write when you don’t get any sleep so I swore I would write again soon.

I got pregnant with my second daughter and, with a toddler in tow, was even more exhausted than the first time around.  The thought of trying to write after she was born was laughable.  As a full-time working mom there was no hope of that.  Maybe when they got older.

Then our new house was handed over, a brand new peaceful place to call home.  Not.  The quality of the house was not even close to what we were expecting and we spent the next year and a half tearing it apart and putting it back together again, while living in it with two toddlers.  Needless to say, writing was not a priority.

Today I am blessed with a fabulous husband, two gorgeous, clever girls, 2 and 4, who can have real conversations with us and a beautiful home in Dubai that no longer requires daily intervention.

We are currently on vacation in Oman and as I watch my girls playing together in the sand, I realize they are growing up too quickly.  I always envisioned this site as a collection of memories and stories about our adventures that I could one day share with them.

I better get back to it.fullsizeoutput_13239


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