Welcome to Stuffee Stuff

There are people who crave order.  Those who meticulously file every single document alphabetically in hierarchical structure the moment they are finished with them.

Fuerza Bruta, New York City

Fuerza Bruta, New York City

And there are those that don’t.  Those people who save everything to their desktop and when it gets too messy to navigate, swiftly dump it all in a shiny new folder called “Stuff”.  Problem solved.  Desktop organized.

I am one of those stuff folder people.  In fact, last time I went to clear my desktop I already had a stuff folder so I did the next most logical thing.  I saved everything into a new folder called “Stuffy Stuff”.

In a world filled with Facebook, bbm, SMS and more email accounts than I can keep track of,  I suppose you could say that this site is one big stuffy stuff folder for my life. Organized chaos.  It is a way for me to remember the faraway placestempting treats,random thoughts and beautiful moments that shape my life.  To share these experiences with family and friends who are always near and dear to my heart but not always nearby.  And to connect with future friends that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet.


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