Best Thai Take-Out in Toronto

While I am on the topic of Thailand… if you are ever in Toronto with a craving for Thai food, go to Salad King on Yonge Street.  A friend of a friend once suggested that I try the green curry.   And the rest is history.

Salad King became one of my go-to places for take-out and to this day green curry remains my favourite.  Each time I eat at a new Thai restaurant, I start with the green curry.   If I don’t love it, I don’t go there again.  Admittedly,  I haven’t tried many other items on the Salad King menu but most people I know have a favourite Salad King curry – green, golden or panang.

Before you go though beware of the infamous Spicy Scale.  It starts with a mild option and goes up to 20 chilis.  (This one comes with a warning that it may cause stomach upset.)  I usually ordered mine with 1 chili when I lived in Toronto but I think I could probably handle 3 now.  While that may seem innocent enough on this scale, you should know that I have seen many tough, grown men determined to get through the last of their 5 chili curry with a red face and sweat dripping from their forehead.   When the waiter says “Are you sure you want 10+ chilis?”, think about it.

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