In Halifax. Eating Lobster.

Fresh lobster. Lobster sandwiches. Lobster claws drowned in butter.  Did I say lobster sandwiches?  I have visited Halifax three times and can say with confidence that no trip to the East Coast of Canada is complete without a feast of fresh Nova Scotia lobster.

Halifax Lobster

The first time I ever had lobster I was barely a teenager and was on summer vacation in the Maritimes with my best friend and her family.  One day we met a local fisherman and excitedly picked out half a dozen live lobsters for dinner.  My friend and I named ours Freddy and Eddie.  A great idea until we realized that Freddy and Eddie were destined to drown in a pot of boiling water.  Lobster didn’t hold quite the same charm for a long time after that.

I didn’t eat lobster again until I visited my husband and his family in Halifax for the first time after University.  My husband has been eating lobster since he was a baby and when I came to visit, his parents prepared a traditional lobster feast.  Complete with bowls of melted butter, homemade potato salad, coleslaw and a bottle or two of white wine, dinner was a memorable experience (lobster bibs and all).  I’ve never seen someone break down a whole lobster as efficiently as my father-in-law and while I’ve  yet to do it gracefully, I have managed to avoid a “Pretty Woman” moment. So far..

So next time to you visit Halifax be sure to taste the lobster.  Available all year round and defined by its distinctive red colour and big snappy claws, Canadian lobster does not disappoint.  You can get it from almost any grocery store.  Most places will even cook it for you.   But if you have time, drive to Chester. Ask for Buddy.

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